Vision and Mission


The motto of our college, which means education gives humility. Humility is an asset for self improvement. By remaining humble, you are receptive to opportunities and to improve. The college follows his teachings to spread the knowledge to all its surroundings. The college administration has the commitment to provide the best possible guidance and resources to mould students in well-qualified citizens. The institution monitors over-all performance of the students and making them aware of the global changes assures their all-round personality developments. After aconsideration new initiatives are taken immediately to keep sustainability of the teaching. Every possible step is taken to make the institution a learner friendly system. The college is engaged to promote an educational environment of creativity and innovations


The vision of the college is to give quality education and to make students ideal and virtuous persons by holistic education.


The Mission of the college is to bring about the education at upliftment and over all development of the under privileged and to groom them to face the world with confidence.

Objective Of College

  • 1. To uplift the rural youth by good education
  • 2. To reach out to the deserving section of our society and lend a helping hand to them.
  • 3. To develop and provide educational opportunities to poor, needy, socially and economically weaker students.
  • 4. Groom the students to evolve into responsible citizen.
  • 5. Orient students to their social responsibilities through Co-Curricular and extracurricular forums such as NCC, NSS women cell, Youth Red Cross, etc.